The taste of Expensive

The taste of ‘Expensive’

Expensive, what exactly does it mean? Can you taste it?

The only 'spread' in the world with real gold flakes (gold leaf). Make ordinary moments special and special moments super special.

Originally we developed this taste (in our testing phase) for the Millionaire Fair 2013. The success has made us decide to bring this limited edition taste on the market (with a circulation of 5000 containers per year). Not for every day use but for whenever. Perhaps the most exclusive spread in the world, the champagne of the spreads.

Sometimes you know that something tastes expensive, we experience this for example with fresh truffle or real vanilla. But how does it taste, what does it look like? We think this is it … this expensive Marcipano is made with truffles, fresh vanilla and contains shreds of real 23K gold leaf. You can see and taste delicious Expensive! We mean expensive is delicious!

Tip : For special occasions such as Champagne breakfast in chocolates at birth or simply as a huge indulgence. Also perfect as a super luxurious dip in a cube VSOP cheese or slightly heated to pour over (good quality) vanilla or chocolate ice cream!

This spread is made from the finest fresh almonds (50%) from Italy, Spain and Colifornie. Our almonds are not, as with many other marzipans, ground and dried but freshly rolled and processed immediately. Through a unique combination of different sugars (fructose, cane sugar, coarse sugar and icing sugar), the recipe has a unique flavor and `bite` that can best be compared to slightly caramelised honey.

Marcipano … the way marzipan should taste! Uncompromisingly tasty and it's quite healthy as well because of the many good qualities of Almonds.

(429 Kcal per 100 gram, about 60 per serving)



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