A jar of ‘Love’ with the taste of Red Roses
A jar of ‘Love’ with the taste of Red Roses

A jar of ‘Love’ with the taste of Red Roses

The taste of Love with Rose
This is our most up-to-date jar.  A way to give someone the enchanted taste of ‘Love’. Made from the magical taste of red rose, the fairytale ‘softness’ of vanilla and just a hint of strong ginger.
A beautiful flavor, to enrich the taste of so many sweet things like ice cream, cupcakes and yogurt.

Use it to make so many Lovely delicacies (see our Fairytale cookbook)
a thin layer on Dutch rusks or (white) bread with a few slices of strawberries. You won’t believe it….. to fall in love with, so good!
The milkshake and buttercream are really worth a try too.

This sandwich spread is made of (50%) fresh almonds from Italy, Spain and California. The almonds are not ground and dried as is the case in most marzipans instead they are freshly rolled and processed. Through the unique combination of different sugar sorts (fruit sugars, cane sugar, crystal sugar and icing sugar) the recipe has a unique flavor and ‘bite’ which can be best compared to lightly sugared honey.

Marcipano…. The way marzipan should taste!  Delicious without compromise and above all a healthy alternative due to the goodness of Almonds.

(429 Kcal per 100 grams, ± 60 per portion)



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