Marzipan spread



Marcipano, the world’s first marzipan spread has been developed with love, creativity and respect for
the original 2000 year old traditional Italian marzipan recipe, no additives just pure almonds and fruit
sugars. It is incredibly funky, delicious and above all 100% natural. The Innovation hit in Holland with
its 11 amazing flavours and super premium quality is a miracle product for cake and cupcakes. It adds,
compared to rolled fondant or marzipan, a surprising zing of flavour to buttercream, cake fillings and
decorations. Try it on pancakes, waffles or in desserts or to ice cream you’ll love it! The fun part of
working with Marcipano is that you’ll discover new uses in savoury dishes, salad dressings and even
meat- and fish recipes. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run free and enjoy this
culinary adventure, you will discover a whole new world in your kitchen and that’s a promise! We wrote
a Fairytale Cookbook to help you along.


These spreads are made from the finest fresh almonds (50%) from Italy, Spain and Californie. Our almonds are not, as with many other marzipans, ground and dried but freshly rolled and processed immediately. Through a unique combination of different sugars (fructose, cane sugar, coarse sugar and icing sugar), the recipe has a unique flavor and `bite` that can best be compared to slightly caramelised honey.
Marcipano … the way marzipan should taste! Uncompromisingly tasty and it’s quite healthy as
well because of the many good qualities of Almonds.