Apple syrup



Apple syrup ‘Appelstroop’ is a common product in Holland.It has a sweet and sour taste and you will find it in any kitchen.
It is mainly used on bread and toast but can also be used on cheese (Brie), in sauces, cakes and many other products.
Because it is a product of nature, only made from apples and beetroot without any further addition (chemicals), it is preferred to give to children;
sweet but 100% natural.
The Polish workers in Holland (more than 100.000 in 2015) have also discovered it’s wonderfull taste and would like to see it in the shops in Poland too.




The common Appelstroop is made of apples and beetroot.
The apples and beetroot are being cooked 5 different times untill the dark, thick sirop has been reached.
After the first cooking the syrop passes a sieve which will take out the pips (seeds) and stalks.


Apart from apples and beetroot many other varieties are available like pears, or any other fruits, with cinnamon taste etcetera.
We also have a biological variety.


Cups of 35 gr
Minipots of 85 gr
Standardpots of 450 gr
Big pot of 850 gr