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Apple syrup

Apple syrup is a common product in Holland.It has a sweet and sour taste and you will find it in any kitchen. Because it is a product of nature, only made from apples and beetroot without any further addition, it is preferred to give to children; sweet but 100% natural. The Polish workers in Holland have also discovered it’s wonderful taste and would like to see it in the shops in Poland too.

Marzipan spreads

Marcipano, the world’s first marzipan spread has been developed with love and creativity, no additives just pure almonds and fruit sugars. It is incredibly funky, delicious and above all 100% natural. The Innovation hit in Holland with its 11 amazing flavours and super premium quality is a miracle product for cake and cupcakes.

Chocolate truffels

Our wonderful handmade truffles with their exceptional ingredients were crowned with the Dutch Chocolate Innovation prize 2015. They are a unique mix of classical and innovative taste sensations, you have never seen or tasted anything like them before!

Chocolate bars

Irresistible, biological and made by hand chocolate bars. Made with only the very best quality Belgian chocolate in pure chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The bars are decorated with fruit which is freeze dried to seal in the delicious smell and flavor.

We want to offer the best foodproducts from Holland yet unknown to the Polish market. And if possible we prefer natural products without any additions.

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more delicious sweets from Holland

Peppernuts are delicious, round mini cookies, and contain spices and herbs among which cinnamon, which gives them a very specific taste. They are available in a natural, just cookie variety and also covered with chocolate; in three different tastes: dark, white and milk chocolate. In Holland they are only available in the last 3 month of the year; In Poland we will sell them all year around because they are also delicious in the rest of the year.

Stuffed ‘Speculaas’

Speculaas is a unique dutch cooky product. It’s unique taste comes from the herbs and spices among which cinnamon is the most pronounced. This special variety stuffed ‘speculaas’ is filled with almond paste, close to marzipan.

Chocolate milk

Chocomel, the best chocolate milk ever with it’s full, creamy and sweet taste; most popular in Holland and sold by the millions.

About us

The best flavors of the Netherlands available today on Polish tables
Products that have won the hearts of Poles

Many years of experience and numerous successes in the Asian markets have shown that the Netherlands has to offer more than anyone would have expected. Poles living in the netherlands repeatedly reached for our syrups, apple and spice cookies - today we meet their expectations, introducing their favorite products on the Polish market. In May 2015 we began distributing in Krakow with the intention of presenting Polish consumers with products that permanently sign up to their diet.


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